Welcome to St. Augustine! 

Established in 1884, this community of faith has a rich history.  It is the oldest African-American Episcopal Church in Texas where generations before us have been busy building the Kingdom of God on Galveston Island.  

That legacy continues today with a Church family that comes from different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, but who are knit together by the Holy Spirit under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.   At St. Augustine we endeavor to be witnesses to the Good News, proclaiming by word and deed what God has done, and continues to do for us, through the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have rebuilt our community in the wake of Hurricane Ike, led by God to transform our neighborhood and the Island into the image of Christ.  We are striving to be a sanctuary where young and old can come together, to be a place where people can feel safe, and to provide an atmosphere where people can learn to grow deeper not only in their faith, but in their minds and hearts. 

St. Augustine is a place of reconciliation where people can reconnect with God, their neighbors and themselves. So come join us, help us to continue the tradition, and take your place in the Family of God where with “God’s power, working in us, we can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.”  Eph. 3: 20.

Your servant in Christ,

The Rev. Chester J. Makowski, Vicar